Shang Hai Nian Lai Mould&Technology Co.,Ltd.

Technology Service Scope:

  • CAD - Modeling,
  • Reverse engineering
  • Consultants - Design,
  • Prototype Design,
  • SLA Rapid Prototyping Service,
  • Modflow analyse Design services,
  • Design - Mould
  • New product engineering Design

 Staff and Facilities:

  • Our moulding facility covers approximately 2000sq. meters, employs more 6 QC,We have quality certification of ISO 9001 ., 6 plastic engineers and 3 Manager ,more than 70 workers currently. Our facilities mainly imported in Japan, Taiwan and some of them made in own country.We have particular expertise in complicated technical We are engaged in manufacturing precision machining parts, CNC machining parts, aluminum products, die castings for aluminum alloy, complicated technical products for automotive and engine machining. We provide OEM and R&D service.

Rapid Prototyping Service:

    Specialized to offer service in product design, rapid prototyping, plastic prototyping, CNC machined parts, cast urethanes/RTV molding, low volume custom-made products and enjoy good reputation among our customers due to perfect quality, efficient work and prompt delivery.
    All the working staff are making their utmost efforts to gain your satisfaction.
    We wish to be your best suppler in this field through our constant endeavor.
    Click the email link below and attach any 2D or 3D data that you may have. We will review the data and provide you a quote in less than 24 hours

Reverse engineering:

    Part-scanning and reverse engineering is another good instrument for new products developing. Go on measuring, analyzing and improving design for the ready-made product or the handiwork prototyping for concept and idea, finally accomplishing the 3D model and CAD drawing. This method is fit for more surfaces complicated design,especially for the complex and no regulation shape.


PDG (Professional Design Group):

    Our Mission: To offer the most cost-effective solution that is at the forefront of innovation and to meet our customers needs with their product development requirements.

    Our team has formed a fresh new team of experienced and highly skilled product designers and engineers. The entire group is involved with developing products right from concept to manufacture.

    Our commitment is to provide customers with innovative design solutions with a cost effective, fast process.

    Our success is based on utilizing most advanced CAD/CAM software with UG, Pro/E, Cimatron, Solidview Pro, Solidwork, Mastercam, 3D CAD data throughout the Design & Development process, giving us the flexibility to get involved in a project at almost any stage.

    Our team is continuously investing in the latest technology to realize your designs. This helps us give you a performance edge over traditionally based systems, allowing us to reduce your lead times significantly


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