Shang Hai Nian Lai Mould&Technology Co.,Ltd.

Die casting company Service Scope:

  • Nylon - Casting,
  • Miller bits manufacturing,
  • Precision manufactured metal parts,
  • Die Cast mould and product manufacture,
  • Die casting of aluminium parts,
  • Die casting of Zinc parts,
  • Die casting of magnesium parts,
  • Surface and painting anti-corrosion ptreatments electroplate,
  • Wiring and assembly of Precision Machining and electronic equipment,
  • Hardware mould and product manufacture,
  • OEM&ODM of casting & plastic products...

 Staff and Facilities:

  • Our Die casting factory covers approximately 2000sq. meters, employs more 6 QC, We have quality certification of ISO 9001 ., 6 plastic engineers and 3 Manager ,more than 70 workers currently. We have particular expertise in complicated technical We are engaged in manufacturing precision machining parts, CNC machining parts, aluminum products, die castings for aluminum alloy, complicated technical products for automotive and engine machining. Our facilities mainly imported from Japan, Taiwan and some of them are made in our own Country. We provide OEM and R&D service.


    Dei casting machine

  • CLASSIC -DC88 88T
  • CLASSIC -DC100 100T
  • CLASSIC -DC160 160T
  • IMPRESS -DCC160 160T
  • IMPRESS -DCC280 280T
  • IMPRESS -DCC400 400T
  • IMPRESS -DCC800 800T

Precision Machining

  • CNC MCV-1800, 1800X900X1000,
  • MCV-1200, 1200X600X600,
  • MCV-1100, 1100X500X500,
  • MCV-1000, 1000X500X500
  • MCV-850, 850X450X500




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